Spotify vs Radio


Spotify is a radio substitution from the internet, and where you can find and create your playlist of music how you want it to be.  It starts in PC meaning that you can access the spotify server and create your playlist for free. One great limitation of spotify is the restriction that has in several countries, and since it wasn’t available for them the only way to access Spotify was from changing to IP address.

This event mark a landmark in panama since lots of people were expecting to use spotify for their computers but couldn’t due to the restrictions that it had, however, now it is possible to use Spotify through a Smartphone and consequently it is available for anyone.  That advancement will change how music listeners are going to listen to spotify instead the radio. The radio here in panama its not good and even though there are a few radio stations that play popular songs, you don’t want to be interrupted by the radio  announcer that broadcast the music. Even though it is mandatory for free radio versions to have an announcer to shuffle music, this is one of the reasons why the download of this app will increase, there’s no interruptions.

Speaking as a consumer, those apps are created by targeting people who hate radio stations and like to have their own playlist to hear while in traffic, alone or in a waiting room. Even though the app will get a little too invasive like to force you to buy the premium version with some extras, it’s a good thing because people always want another option, the internet can make that another option possible. 


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